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Pantry Area

Pantry area

Pantry is another very important and sensitive zone in either a household or elsewhere. Even, the temporary pantry area, seen in case of several meetings, gatherings, political party meetings, religious functions etc become equally sensitive and crucial in terms of maintaining hygiene. The imperative ingredients like food, beverages generally stored in pantry rooms. So pantry area must be kept flawless in terms of cleanliness and hygienic.

Types of pantry area

Previously Asian types of pantry were noticed in the households. Those were traditional kitchens, generally comprising wooden cabinetry. Those pantry areas were generally huge in size. Being the bigger in size, those pantry rooms were generally maintained by the pantry staffs. There is another type of pantry rooms. That is called Butler’s pantry. It is generally a serving pantry. A man or butler becomes the head of pantry and he or she maintains it. In a bid to make the pantry area always clean the butler even sleeps in the particular room at night. Pantry areas in European countries have also such pantry rooms which are called cold pantries. It means only the food like butter, egg, milk is stored. But the commonness in all kinds of pantry rooms is maintaining the hygiene. It has been the key factor although.

Coworking pantry area

Coworking Space is an organization in New Delhi that offers space for the small and medium category entrepreneurs, start-ups and freelance workers in different sectors to work altogether under a same roof. But the organization, along with offering space, also provides a splendid customer service for the clients. Especially, the organization has made its pantry area with such care that the people who often use the office are extremely satisfied. More interestingly, this organization has no hidden cost for using its space as well as other services, being provided for the customers. Anybody will be delighted to watch the amazing maintenance of the pantry area every day. The people who spend a lot of hours in the office of this organization are too satisfied with the pantry room as the sanitation of the area is highly maintained.

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