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Co Work Space In New Delhi

Benefits Of Co-working Space
May 9, 2016
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Co Work Space In New Delhi

Be it our home or workspace one of the most significant determinant influencing the choice of our place is the security provided to us and our belongings in that area.
Any intrusion , burglary could probably be detrimental to your prestige , position , respectability. Thereby , damaging its reputation.
Taking into account all types of security the members require at a co-work space underneath are various important areas that need to be examined while assessing the complete security of the co-work space.

Ensuring all the physical objects of security provided are in place everyday to prevent any break-ins or mishappenings.
a) Camera – One’s space needs to be monitored 24/7. Numerous good CCTV’s like Nest are available in the market which provide live streaming and is extremely useful in capturing anything that happens.

b) Installation of alarms- A very useful physical object especially in off hours as it activates when someone tries to barge in.

c) Emergency provisions – Uncertainties prevail. To provide protection from uncertain circumstances like fires , floods or any accident other than theft one needs to keep in place fire extinguishers first-aid kits, smoke detectors, etc.

d) Access points- All the access points to the workspace, private work space, critical areas should be properly locked 24/7. Any person can enter your area through a password

For the wireless internet connection to be secure from hacking , one needs to set a strong password to it which is hard to decode and includes uppercase , lowercase letters , special letters to make it even more tough to crack.
a) Access to the network – Network should strictly be accessed by permanent members. An alternative network can be provided to the temporary members.

b) Educate adequately – In today’s world Internet safety is highly infected by various computer viruses and hackers. So whenever a new member joins in make sure to educate him/her on how to safely surf the Internet and avoid clicking on something that looks suspicious and is not related to the work.

c) Change passwords – Make sure to change the passwords every 6 months to ensure the digital safety of the people working there. Persons who shouldn’t have access to it does not have it.

When various business meetings take place and visitors are supposed to come one needs to have a proper visitor policy in place to make the management feel comfortable. Various security measures like workspace management softwares to manage access to the venue , wearing badges should be made mandatory. And one should not be allowed to enter freely.

Communicate the security to your members as and when they join. Tell them you value the safety of the members and make them aware of the infrastructure that has been put in place to prevent any harm to the digital and physical safety of the members. Warn them about the Intolerance towards anyone who tries to threaten it as members would also be watching out for one another.

Importance of the security should be known as the members become dependant on you (the co-work space) for the safety of their belongings , their valuables , digital information.

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