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Benefits Of Co-working Space

Co Work Space In New Delhi
May 9, 2016
Co-working In New Delhi India
May 9, 2016
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Benefits Of Co-working Space

Problems With Corporate Offices

Corporate offices come at a very steep price and are extremely bad for efficient working. Each worker needs at least 25 sq.ft. of space to work efficiently. After a point the space seems really limited and becomes useless to work at. The space issues combined with cluttered office tables demoralises the workers to an extend that they opt for not working. corporate office also has limitation to networking with fellow workers as the work environment is such.

Problems With Work-From-Home

The blend of being at home atmosphere and work is not a very good idea. Home is a place where one feels like relaxing. Many different factors like ringing of the bell, cranky kids around or the sound of your pet continuously barking add to the inefficiency. In India being at home for a 25-30 year old means helping the house members with household jobs like getting groceries or picking/dropping kids from school or extra classes.

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