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Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning is a process of taking away heat and humidity from a confined space and cooling that confined area by the help of an electronic device. Air Conditioning is generally used in buildings or inside the means of transportation including aero planes and trains. Actually is process is used to create a better and comfortable interior environment for the boarders.

Brief history

Willis Carrier was the man to have discovered the modern electrical air condition in the early of 19th century. He was a graduate on electronics in Cornell University in New York. His career began, joining a small publishing company in New York. But he and his colleagues were facing difficulty every day as their office rooms became too much humid and warm. So Carrier thought of exploring with some way of cooling to get rid of that hot and humidity in their office. This thought guided him to experiment on air conditioning and in 1902 the first modern electrical air condition machine started working under the careful observation of Carrier.


Effect and utility

Air Conditioning has helped human beings to prevent mainly the diseases which are infectious. Especially, in the hospitals all over the world Air Conditioning has helped the hospital management to prevent any kind of infectious diseases. The reason looks simple. Air Conditioning system keeps the hospitals as well as the family rooms and even the office spaces clean and infection-free.


Air Conditioning Space

There are several organizations which are gradually getting popularity by providing workplaces for the small entrepreneurs, start-ups, freelance employees in other fields. But they are often criticized for starting their workstations before setting up the infrastructure properly. Air Conditioning system is one of the most important things in the infrastructure.

Coworking Space is always exception in its business. It has created an infrastructure that is extremely equipped. Air Conditioning system has been one of them. The entrepreneurs and so many working people from other segments in the society are gathered under the same roof almost every day. They seem to be highly satisfied with the installment of top class air conditioners. Air Conditioning system is professionally built in the workstation.

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